DARIO VACIRCA - Artistic  Director

Dario is an artist and producer working across contemporary art platforms. His current focus is on new-genre public art and the nexus between interactivity, art-performance and creative social systems & dialogue.

Regularly involved in the creation of new work and evolution of performance & cross-art practice, Dario established WELL in 1999 as a progressive vessel for his own and peer’s unique ideas and perspectives.

Recently, Dario has created and produced collaborations across Australia, Macau, Belgium and Mexico. He is a member of numerous boards and commitees and works as an independent producer & dramaturge.

Along with Meka Audet, Dario dreamt the Great Wall of Books project and has invested in this cross platform collaboration work as a ten-year project-concept, linking artists and communities internationally through a responsive and provocative curatorial framework. He is currently evolving three major new works with a global and local vision.